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Palmistry About Love Marriage

Even after all these years of classroom discussions, most of us still have no idea where the marriage line is on our palm and what does it mean. Well, honestly, it’s a daunting task, however, we can make it easy for you.

Marriage line – also called the relationship line sometimes – is one of the most important lines when trying to forecast someone’s future through palmistry. The Marriage line in hand can not only predict when you may get married but can also help in decoding your attitude towards love or marriage at different stages of life. It helps the astrologer understand what kind of person you are into when it comes to love. Also, in case you are facing any sort of delay in marriage, even in such situations, the marriage line can help you in finding the reasons behind the delay and also the remedies. If you seek to find the marriage line on your palm, you need to look below the base of the little finger. The marriage line sits just above the love line. Interestingly, a person can have more than one marriage line too. And in the worst-case scenario, no marriage line.

In situations where you have more than one marriage line, the longest line is used for judgment purposes by the palm reader. Besides the length of the line, its shape, the islands on the line, the place where it ends, etc. denotes the scope of your marriage. With that being said, now let’s analyse the different types of marriage lines and what they mean. 

If you have a deep-straight marriage line, it is a sign that you are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy and long married life. A straight marriage line is an indicator that you would have only one marriage (childhood predictions coming true right?), and your partner will be loyal to you. Furthermore, if you have a deep, straight and long marriage line that touches the Sun line on palm, it means that besides happiness, you may also receive an abundance of success once you tie the knot.

In case you have a short Marriage line on hand, then it is a sign that you are, not strongly, but mildly into the opposite sex. You are very picky about the person you wish to spend your life with. Interestingly, this picky-ness is due to the fact that you have set high standards for yourself. You wish for a person who has an attractive personality and is able to support themselves well. Interestingly, you are not much into looks but buy the character of the person. You are an old school romantic who will certainly travel a lot with your partner. Having a short marriage line also means that you may have a late marriage. However, all of it would be worth the wait.

In case your marriage line is curved downwards, i.e. towards the wrist, it is usually not a good sign. This type of marriage line indicates that your partner may suffer from serious health complications. If the line is curved suddenly, it is a sign that your spouse is prone to accidents. Thus, they must use public transit more often. Also, in case this line goes on to touch the heart line, then you may have personality clashes and ego problems in your relationship. Such clashes can be averted by working very hard on your relationship. 

If the marriage line is curved upwards, that is, towards the fingers, then it is a sign of a good and happy marriage life with not many hurdles in your way. You both make a good life in terms of finances and are able to coordinate well in numerous fields. When you look at this type of line, make sure you also notice how risen it is. As the more risen the curve is, the happier your marriage would turn out to be. A couple with this marriage line should do business together, especially something related to decor. The probability of making profits out of it are high.

Island on the marriage line is a rare phenomenon. Island is simply a circle on the marriage line. If the island is situated at the beginning of the relationship line, it indicates that your love life may not go smoothly before marriage. 

If the island is in the middle of the marriage line, it is a sign of twists and turns in your relationship. And in case the island is at the end of the marriage line, it is an indication of obstacles in a marriage. Many islands indicate unfavourable love relationships and marriage.

In case you have no relationship line on your hand, it means that you have no or lack of desire for love. You may find it difficult to attract love and will have a tough time when it comes to understanding someone’s feelings. Instead of love, you rather like to focus on your career, goals, hobbies and make these things the motive behind living. You are OK with being sexless and, on the other hand, also ok with one-nighter flings. If you are married but don’t have a marriage line, then the chances are that you may not be much into your partner.

In case you have only one marriage line, congrats, you are likely to find yourself a decent loyal partner. You will lead a happy love life with them and will do lots of fun things together. If the line is long without any surplus lines, it indicates a sound and lasting marriage.

Most people have two marriage lines. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have two marriages. People with two marriage lines of the same length, running parallel to each other, have a tortuous marriage. You may separate with your partner but will later reunite. Moreover, if you have two marriage lines of different lengths, then the chances of you falling into a love triangle are ripe. 

If you have three marriage lines, you are usually very romantic, loyal and hyped about love. However, you find it tough to concentrate your emotions on one person. This could bring trouble to your love life. Hence, people with three love lines should be very careful when they interact with the opposite gender. 

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