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Love Marriage with Parents Support

The institution of marriage in India is considered to be a very sacred bond. With a gradual shift from a traditional approach to a modern one, the view of marriage has found to be taking a different shape. Traditional Indian families favour arrange marriages because of various reasons, but in recent times, a different picture is being painted, that is adults choosing their partners going beyond the conventional background.

You might have found the person of your dreams, but there arises a conflict when parents disagree with the concept of love marriage or do not find the partner chosen by you suitable. This is where communication plays an important role. We say communication is key to a happy relationship because the right type of communication helps one be more assertive and express our feelings safely and effectively.

Below are some ways in which you can convince your parents to love marriage and make them understand you and your choices more: –

  • Understand Your Parents

  • Try to share your views regarding marriage

  • Take help from people your parents confide in

  • Make both families meet and bond

Understand Your Parents

The change in wave and also the generation gap creates a void sometimes where we are just very fearful of hurting our parents or we get defensive and act rebellious when they disagree with us. But we need to understand things from their end too, that it is not easy for them to shift from a traditional mindset. Acting passively or aggressively might make the matter worst. But this communication gap can be narrowed when we befriend them. Try to spend more time with them, share your feelings about different things, know them and let them know you too.

Try To Share Your Views Regarding Marriage

Try to give subtle cues regarding what you seek in a marriage and what type of person would be a perfect match for you. They might feel shocked or they might ignore but it will act as an ice-breaker to share your views with them. You can indirectly tell about your partner’s qualities and gauge their reaction.

For some individuals, the father is the stricter one and for some, it is the mother. But it is necessary to see which parent reacts positively to your idea of marriage. Open up with them slightly more and see how they respond to more information. You can let the parent know about your partner. They might not agree at first but try to empathize with them as it must be shocking for them to know about it and difficult to understand. When you feel it is the right time to let your partner meet your parents, fix a day and invite them.

Take help from people your parents confide in
You can reach out to people close to your parents to build support. When they know that a part of society views love marriages as acceptable, they may be able to become more receptive towards it. The people close to your parents could be family friends and extended family.

Make both families meet and bond
Our parents may find it important for families to be compatible as well. When you feel that your parents have accepted to give a chance to you, you can invite your partner’s family to your place or a restaurant so that they bond with each other and understand that you made the right choice and it would be a fulfilling marriage.

We understand how tough it must be to go through the process of convincing your family. The process could bring about a lot of emotional and psychological distress, and we are here to help you with them. To get help in marriage counseling or relationship counseling from expert counselors press the below buttons

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