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Love Marriage Palmistry

Surely, marriages are made in heavens but lines in the palm tell a lot about your love life. Marriage ties two individuals in one knot. The successful marriage indicates deep bonding between couple.

The marriage line on palms can forecast a lot about your conjugal life. It predicts the love and affection of two persons. One should take into account the mounts of Venus and heart line before predicting anything about it. The first condition is line of heart should be very clear for successful marriage. The mounts of Venus should be strong enough to have romantic and good sexual life.

Origin of marriage line

Marriage line is located just below the little finger and above the origin point of the heart line.

Palmistry About Love Marriage

How to know about age of marriage?

It can be calculated by the distance from heart line and the base line of little finger , the distance being estimated fifty years:

  • If marriage line is in the middle of this distance it means marriage is around 25 years of age and nearer the marriage line to heart line, the earlier is the age of marriage.

Indications of successful marriage life

  • A clear long line of marriage without any break or presence of island means an extremely successful married life. A long and happy relationship.

  • It is to be noted that only strong line indicates marriage. The presence of few small lines nearby deep line only indicates romantic relationship.

  • A relationship with two people at the same time, the relative depths of the relationships being indicated by the strength of the lines

  • If marriage line starts with a fork it possibly indicates towards delay or frustration at the start of a relationship

  • If marriage line ends with fork means possible ends with separation

  • If it is crossed by girdle of Venus it means partner is nagging

Other important things about marriage line

  • Little importance is attached to the Lines of Union known as 'Marriage Lines' on the palm

  • There are four places on the palm from which marriage is to be read carefully and they are as follows:

  • The Mount of Mercury: The Line on the Mount of Mercury should be fairly long and clear and easily traceable. Shorter lines indicate only an influence amorous relationship. A line or lines that are parallel to the heart line are called lines of the union, and are popularly known as lines of the marriage.

  • Lines rising from the Line of Life

  • A cross on the Mount of Venus.

Lines coming from the Mount of the Moon and touching the Line of Fate. These lines should not intersect.

Conclusion: if none of the above conditions are met then you should not say that marriage would not take place rather he can indicate that these lines can form in future.

If there are many fine lines going in different directions on this mount of Venus it means a person is complex in love. It also indicates that person may be easy to dupe by partners.

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