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Love Marriage Hast Rekh

According to Hast Rekha, there is a marriage line in a person's hand, which also shows love affairs and love marriage in luck... palmistry-love-affair-marriage-line-palm-reading- hast-rekha-connection-love-life-marriage-hand-reading  

According to palmistry, many types of lines and shapes are made on the palm of a human being. By studying these lines, one can find out about a person's fate, health, marriage, children and happiness. Every line made on a person's hand contains the secrets related to his future, present and past. Apart from this, there are some signs and lines in the hand of a person which indicate Raja Yoga.The life of such a person is full of opulence and one gets happiness and prosperity throughout his life. Apart from this, there are some lines in the hand which show about the person's career and married life. Today we are going to tell you about some such palm lines, which indicate love marriage and foreign travel. Let's know about those lines.Moon mountain is considered very special in palmistry. If a travel line emerges from the moon mountain in the hand of a person and reaches the Guru mountain crossing the whole palm, then there are chances of a long journey in the life of such a person. It is said that these people travel from one country to another.  



According to palmistry, if a line in the hand of a person passes from the mount of Moon to the mount of Mercury, then such a person receives money from traveling, but when a cross is found on the travel line made on the lunar area in the palm of a person. If a mark is made, then in such a situation, foreign travel gets spoiled. Along with this, foreign travel has to be postponed for one reason or the other.

If a travel line emerges from the moon mount of a person and meets the heart line. So in such a person, love relationships are formed in his life and he also gets success in them, that is, the love of such a person turns into marriage.

According to palmistry, if there are two heart lines in one's hand and one line is going towards the Mount of Moon, then this situation also creates a happy marriage. If the line originating from the Mount of Mercury present under the smallest finger of a person's hand reaches below the ring finger, then such people definitely get a chance to travel abroad once in their life.

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